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The I-Do-It (IDI) Hosting Option

You know you should have a web site. But you really have no idea where to begin. When the AVA was hosting web sites, for $60 per year, it was all greek to you. When you looked into actually doing it yourself, it was so expensive and confusing.

Now there is another option. For a mere $20 per year, the new hosting of AVA clubs by the Woodland Wanderers means you can visualize it and we will put it together and maintain your web site for you. All you have to do is provide the content.

What, you ask, is content? Your club roots and mission statement. Your club newsletter. Pictures of your events. Stories by your members of walks they have participated in. Everything we all need to know about what your club is and what they are doing and what they have done.

If you just want to see how it works, get a single month and continue month to month until you are comfortable. This will allow you to confirm you can manage the content requirements, and get a look to see if everything you need to do is working. The cost is only $2 per month AFTER the initial month (setup, you know).

If you already know you can do it, choose a longer term. We will notify you a month before it expires for the 1-year, and six months and the month before for the 5-year term. Either longer term option is less than a $2 per month. Only $20 per year OR $80 for 5 years.

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