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The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Hosting Option

This option was created to emulate the current mechanism clubs have for maintaining their sites when AVA was hosting. Now, get the same capability for a lot less coin. NO, not the same. We actually do it better. We fully support html5, php, and mysql. For your coding pleasure. :-)

Essentially, you do all the work of building and maintaining the web site on your local system. Read more

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The I-Do-It (IDI) Hosting Option

You know you should have a web site. But you really have no idea where to begin. When the AVA was hosting web sites, for $60 per year, it was all greek to you. When you looked into actually doing it yourself, it was so expensive and confusing.

Now there is another option. For a mere $20 per year, the new hosting of AVA clubs by the Woodland Wanderers means you can visualize it and we will put it together and maintain your web Read more

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Your Domain


Your Domain

As another alternative, you can go to one of the registrars (such as and register your club as a domain name. We will host your domain on our servers using either our DIY or IDI hosting plan. The only difference is your URL will be your domain instead of a directory off our domain. For example, the Woodland Wanderers without a separate domain would have the URL of, and with our own domain name it will be Otherwise everything else is the same. The cost of having your own domain name is usually less than $20 per year. That would be in addition to the cost of the hosting plan you have chosen.

Resistance is Futile


Resistance is Futile

If you have never had a club web page, now is the time to consider it. The cost is very reasonable, and the exposure is great. Help yourself get the word out about your upcoming events, and spread the joy of being a volksmarcher with a much wider audience.

To take a look at our currently available templates to give you an idea of what your site would look like, click on the Templates tab above.

Please contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions or wish to discuss this further.

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