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The Ramstein Roadrunners were established in 1973 to promote Volksports within the American community in Germany. Since that time the Club has risen to the position of the premier US Volksmarching club in Europe and its members and “alumni” have contributed to walking clubs throughout the globe. Members come from throughout the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) and consist of a mix of military and civilians of all ages and nationalities (US, German, French, Canadian). The club membership reached its peak in the early 1990’s when there were approximately 1,000 dues paying members throughout the world. Membership is approximately 200-225 members at the present time. Meetings are held twice a month with the Board of Directors Meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month and the General Membership Meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Read the complete history (in PDF format).

More Information (in PDF format):

Roadrunner Officers

Position Name Phone Number* Email
President Patrick Massey 06371-952233 or 0177-7330337
Vice President Royce Staley 06372-9956925
Treasurer Mark Christensen 0170-6594786
Secretary Dennis Wood 0176-98559630
Committee Name Phone Number* Email
Trailmaster Phil Massey 0176-66834124
Assistant Trailmaster Kurt Kiefer 0151-41912678
Membership Maureen & Jim Rudell 0176-40414857
Webmaster Marlyn Neal
Trips & Tours Gene Behrends 06371-468875 or 0170-3671573
Assistant Trips & Tours Roberta Beery 0151-46787444
Publicity American Doug Strasser 0162-9810499
Sales Laura Ryan 06374-8010966 or 0151-46456480
Shed Housemeister Roberta Beery 0151-46787444
German Liaison Gina Massey 0176-36552861
Volkssport-Registration Fred Jung 0179-2141076
Event Photography Karin Salanitis 0152-28960339
Guided Walks Gerhard Höh 0157-81972518 Rita Marquez 0170-8007205
Assistant Guided Walks Patrick Massey Mark Christensen Kurt Kiefer or Doug Strasser


  • If calling from within Europe, please dial 0049 and drop the first zero of the numbers above.
  • If calling from outside of Europe, please dial 01149 and drop the first zero of the numbers above.
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