The Princeton Area Walkers (PAW) is the largest AVA walking club in New Jersey.  We have been part of the American Volkssport Association (AVA) since 1993 and are members of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) with clubs worldwide.  Our 10km (6.2 mile) walks are non-competitive, done at your own pace with our club members, your friends or family, alone or with a favorite pet. 

Our trails are selected for safety, scenic interest, historic value, natural beauty and accessibility.  Directions are provided before each walk and normally take two hours to complete.  PAW ( also sponsors special walking events throughout New Jersey on selected weekends.  If you are not walking for IVV credit and you are new to our group you may walk for free on your first walk.  After that we will be requesting a $3.00 donation per walk to help with our expenses. 

However, keeping track of your walks actually encourages you to walk regularly.  A "New Walker Packet" ($20 value) is available for $5 and includes 2 record books that will be stamped at each of your walks (for credit toward achievement awards),  Free walker coupons and more.  Contact us for details or the AVA web site at:

We welcome you to join us on the trail, particularly if you appreciate the joys of "Fitness, Fun, and Fellowship".

Maureen Penta:  (908) 309-8398      email:

Prospective new walkers - answers to questions you might have:

Remember you can find out about all our walks at  You can find out about walks all over the country by going to and click on the state you wish.  You might ask for YRE's for that state or you might ask for "Events". These I will explain below:

There are basically two kinds of walks:

1) YRE means "year-round event".  Year-round means every day of the year.  Seasonal Event means part of the year - such as May to October.  These are self-guided walks.  You go to the start point, sign up, get the directions and go on the walk by yourself or with friends.  We do try to do group walks of the YRE's as often as we can - notifying about them over e-mail or snail mail.

2) EVENTS are one or two day group walks.  Brochures are provided for these events.  There is a specific date, a meeting place and a window of time you can leave on the walk.  Chances are you will not be leaving for the walk on your own since people arrive at various times.  Just stick around and wait for a group.  Sometimes these are Guided Events.  In that case everyone must leave at the same time - that info is in the brochure.

When you go on the AVA website you will see the terms "Events" and "Year-Round Events" so now you know the differences! MAYBE!

We (Princeton Area Walkers) usually schedule 7-9 "Events" during the year.  We have about 17 YRE's in New Jersey and New York City.

Once you get the info you will probably have several questions.  Feel free to call or write to me.  If you join any particular local club the fee is usually $10 per year.  This way you are on the mailing list for that club's events.  But you can still come on the walks, of course.

If you want to receive credit for your walks, build up events and distance - (it is a pretty good incentive for walking) you will need to pay a fee of $3 for each walk.  A New Walker Packet from the American Volkssport Association contains the initial books to be stamped for each walk you do, free coupons for the first two walks, and more discounts.  The packet is $5 for a $20 value.

However, if you want to just come and walk - you may walk for free on any walk !!  We are a non-profit organization and our main goal is to promote walking.

Happy Trails 

Maureen Penta
1205 Doris Ave
Wanamassa, NJ 07712
(908) 309-8398


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