Welcome to the Woodland Wanderers

OK, so I need to work on the header image. The original site was set up to get donations for kids. If I can figure out an appropriate volksmarch header, the mission statement and the club name are superimposed on it. I'll keep at it.

The menu items will point to separate pages. I would keep everything in this format, so those pages will appear in this space. They have not been written, as I need to make the header fix first. BUT, if you really like this layout, I will devote the necessary time to make it a viable looking site.

You can remove any link to our websites from this template you're free to use the template without linking back to us.

This is just a place holder so you can see how the site would look like.

This is a template designed by free website templates for you for free you can replace all the text by your own text.