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The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Hosting Option

This option was created to emulate the current mechanism clubs have for maintaining their sites when AVA was hosting. Now, get the same capability for a lot less coin. NO, not the same. We actually do it better. We fully support html5, php, and mysql. For your coding pleasure. :-)

Essentially, you do all the work of building and maintaining the web site on your local system. When you are ready, you just upload your pages. Done. Verify your changes. Done. Suddenly, you have a fully functioning web site that anyone can get to.

If you just want to see how it works, get a single month and continue month to month until you are comfortable. This will allow you to confirm you can manage the site with FTP, and get a look to see if everything you need to do is working. The cost is only $1 per month. No minimum or maximum length of time. BUT, you have to remember to renew on time or the site will get turned off. You won't lose any data, but the site will not be visible until you Pay Up.

If you already know you can do it just like you did when hosting on the AVA site, choose a longer term. We will notify you a month before it expires for the 1-year, and six months and the month before for the 5-year term. Either longer term option is less than a $1 per month. Only $10 per year OR $40 for 5 years.

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